Joe Allan – Making a Music Video.

CogWheel Films Whitby Goth Weekend Film Crew Photographer

Hello fans and friends!

Grant here filling you in with another CogWheel Update!

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Joe Allan on his first music video!


CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,Joe is an acoustic artist from our very own Newcastle Upon Tyne and was the winner of our FREE music video competition!

The track he put forward was brilliant! ‘The City Ate My Brains’ is the title track from Joe’s forthcoming EP due to be on release very soon!


CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,

Now, don’t let the title fool you, the track its self is peaceful, relaxing and has a real depth to its lyricism that will make you think of city life in all its glory. It perfectly accompanied the ideas we had in mind for the shoot!

Our very own CogWheel Founders and Mastermind’s, Tori Turner and Paul Doherty, sketched out some innovative concepts for the project which Joe loved (he even had to learn his entire song at half speed! No easy feat!)



We really enjoyed your song Joe here at CogWheel and we think it worked perfectly with the ideas put forward for the video, we hope you do to!


CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,


The shoot took place in and around Newcastle in early April, so if you happened to have seen a wild bunch of film makers marching round town swapping clothes at every available opportunity around that time… that was probably us!

CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,


It involved Joe playing at various locations with his song at half speed, to achieve a shot that makes the viewer feel that the public are rushing past Joe and paying him no attention at all (despite the fact that he was talent scouted while on location!!!!).

CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,


The plot of the video was a simple but effective one and implies that the musician (played by Mr. Allan himself) is ignored by most of the general public, like so many brilliant artists today! Not only that but it was also meant to give the impression he was enjoying himself and that’s all that mattered. Later in the track, another committed member of Team CogWheel, the very photogenic Erin Newstead, played the role of a love interest to nicely round off the video to a pleasant finish.

CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,


The weather on our shoot day was not the best, in fact it was very cold and miserable!, but the work and laughs made it all worth-while; even if we did nearly lose Erin to hypothermia (Sorry Erin!).

The full video and Joe’s debut EP will be available to view and download very soon! Keep your eyes peeled on CogWheel Films and Joe Allen’s official page for the finished product!


**UPDATE! The Video is now live and you can view it below!**



CogWheel Films on set, Video Production, Northeast,

We’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read our entry, and to Joe Allen for his time and wonderful music! We hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we did making it!

From Grant and Team CogWheel!