Psychic Night

Sam Roberts

This instalment of the CogWheel Blog comes from me, Sam.

We work a wide variety of events as part of CogWheel, and not too long ago we were given the opportunity to film something just a little bit spooky…

Let me set the scene… The wind was howling, the sky’s were murky and today of all days, it was Friday the 13th. (Actually the weather had been quite nice and it was a lovely warm day, but that doesn’t really work!)

Tonight the sisters were doing it for themselves as me, Tori and Em had ditched the fellas and taken the job on, and were heading to a private event billed as a “Spook Night”.

We had been asked to film something a bit less ordinary and weren’t entirely sure what to expect.

Arriving at the venue we were met by a lovely lady called Kerry who was running the night. Kerry is a Clairvoyant and claims to communicate messages to those that need them. You can find out more about what she’s up to on her Facebook profile.

Now, it’s no surprise to many that I’m a skeptic, and here I was in a room filled with believers. However, it did give me the chance to keep my mind open.

Sound was set up, we had the crane up for some sweeping shots, a static shot on a tripod and Tori ready to run around the room catching reactions.

Kerry took to the stage and quickly had control of the room. The whole process was fascinating. The people responded well to all of her messages and it’s a joy to watch as people get involved. She helps them by offering guidance and support through the messages she passes on to them, and the room had a really lovely atmosphere. was nice to film such an intimate event where you could almost hear a pin drop while Kerry was talking.

We were witness to some very touching moments that called for delicacy and understanding and moments that had everyone in the room in stitches.

While I’ll still be a skeptic, I can honestly say, it was a pleasure to watch Kerry at work.

The video will be online soon and you can make your own assumptions!

In the meantime please have a look at Kerry’s Spiritual Well-being Centre based here in the northeast.

As always we are grateful to be involved and really enjoyed filming such a different event to what we are used to.

We will be hopefully working on a private event for Kerry in the near future so be sure to check back to find out more!